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Where can I buy cheap retro soccer jerseys, and which classic jerseys have appeared in the World Cup finals? From the England jersey in 1990 to the American team jersey in 1994, we made an inventory.

Peru (1978) Soccer Jersey

In the inventory of many soccer jerseys, this jersey will be the first, and may always be the first. Its design is simply classic: simple and lively white, Adi’s iconic three stripes, perverse red diagonal stripes make people shine, this design is also used in Peru team jerseys to this day.

Germany Retro Soccer Jersey (1990)

The 90 World Cup in Italy was the first time that the German team participated in the Intercontinental Championship after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The three-color stripes of black, red and gold pulsating on the chest of the Teutonic Army were enthusiastic with Matteus, Voller, and Litbarski. The summer of Italy was fixed, and Beckenbauer marked another peak of his football career with the gold cup. This soccer jersey is also regarded as a classic by many German fans.

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Former Soviet Union (1966)

The 1966 World Cup was unusual because of the young talent led by Hirst. The former Soviet Union was also very good at that time. Although they lost to the German team in the semifinals, CCCP (Союз Советских Социалистических Республик, acronym for Soviet Socialist Republics) did have the best soccer jersey.

England Third Retro Jersey (1990)

In the late 1880s, Umbro tried crazy use of superimposed diamond patterns in their designs. They wanted to make a new template, but the results were not satisfactory. But in the 90 World Cup, England’s jersey became a classic in another way: They chose New Order’s “World In Motion” as the team song. In the video, Barney Sumner is wearing England’s third jersey. Recalling England’s pain and ecstasy at the World Cup.

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Netherlands Classic Shirt (1974)

Cruyff in 1974 was incredible. He looked like he was smoking a cigarette on a speedboat, talking and laughing with the five members of The Strokes (New York rock band). He was the best player in the 1974 World Cup and the best model in this jersey. Because Cruyff’s sponsor is Puma, as a hostile company, his jersey has torn off the three stripes representing Adidas and turned into two. This seems to make the jersey look better, the best Orange Jersey ever, doesn’t it?

Belgium Soccer Jersey (1982)

In recent years, the European Red Devils Belgium has many eye-catching jerseys, but their jersey design in the 1982 World Cup is the most ingenious. The yellow stripes on the top extend to the shorts, which is bold and worthy of recognition.

Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1974)

In fact, Zaire’s performance in the 1974 World Cup was not good. They were swept 9-0 by Yugoslavia. And there is another funny thing that makes people laugh and cry. When the Brazilian team got a free kick, Zaire’s Joseph Mwepu Ilunga ran out of the wall and kicked the opponent’s free kick…but At least they look pleasing to the eye, thanks to a vibrant soccer jersey with a wildcat on the chest.

Mexico Retro Soccer Jersey (1978)

Mexico’s tricolor soccer jersey in the World Cup in Argentina couldn’t be more sexy. It was designed by Levi’s, and as we all know, few jeans manufacturers will enter the sportswear field. The best model in this jersey is Leonardo Cuellar, the hairy midfielder, who seems to have just smoked backstage with The Grateful Dead (American rock band).

United States Away Jersey (1994)

This is a soccer jersey with divergent evaluations: some people may say that the large number of star decorations makes this gray sweatshirt worse. It would be much better to replace it with a gun or even a beef burger, but I am still willing to vote for this jersey a ticket. Oh, by the way, the best model in this jersey is “Goatee” Lalas.

France Retro Soccer Jersey (1982)

Unlike later, in 1982, Platini in the player era looked like a strutting rooster, and the gorgeous appearance that matched it was the French team jersey at the time. The Mediterranean-like deep blue pavement, supplemented by pinstripe decoration, is very fashionable, and the Gallic rooster of the team logo at the time also left a deep enough impression on people.

Scotland Soccer Jersey (1978)

Although he did not qualify in the 1978 World Cup group stage, the Scottish player Jameer’s goal against the Netherlands is still one of the most exciting goals in the history of the World Cup. The dark blue soccer jersey shines on him, and the evolution of the Umbro logo on the sleeves is also impressive.

Denmark Retro Soccer Shirt (1986)

In the European Cup of 1992, the Danes staged an impressive fairy tale. In fact, in 1986, Denmark’s performance was equally eye-catching. Their soccer jerseys are designed by the clothing giant Hummel, V-neck, pinstripe design, worn on the Danish team led by Laudrup, looks very fashionable.

Brazil Retro Soccer Jersey (1986)

The jersey of Brazil, the kingdom of football, can always set off a crazy enough yellow trend in the World Cup. The Brazilian classic jersey of the 1986 World Cup. This jersey with collar and cuffs worn by Socrates, Zico, Josimar and Falcao is very classic, but it is dwarfed by this World Cup. The Brazil team only made it into the quarterfinals…

Portugal Retro Soccer Jersey (1966)

We feel that this is the hottest shirt ever. The huge green print on the back makes this jersey more impactful. Eusebio’s outstanding performance made this jersey more classic.

Croatia Classic Shirt (1998)

For this classic soccer jersey, there is a serious polarization: some people will put it on the list of “worst” jerseys, and some people will regard it as a classic. The design of the jersey was inspired by the chessboard elements on the national flag. The Croatians also performed well in their first World Cup tour, reaching the semi-finals all the way and finally winning the third place. Of course, the best models in this jersey are “Golden Left Foot” Su Ke and Bilic.

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Colombia Soccer Jersey (2014)

This is definitely a seductive soccer jersey! The blue parallel twill is very eye-catching. The Sombrero vueltiao (popular Colombian curling hat) in the blue belt on the chest and the Andean Condor under the collar on the back are all eye-catching. Of course, it also includes the model of this jersey-long-range shot master James.

Argentina Retro Jersey (1978)

The blue and white striped shirt, every jersey of the Argentine national team is a success, but because of the World Cup champion, this jersey in 1978 is particularly classic. Maybe it was because that year’s World Cup was held in winter? The long-sleeved jersey and mullet hairstyle made the 11 starters at the time very eye-catching.

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KIMBERLEY club shirt, France (1978)

In the 1978 World Cup, France and Hungary in the same group discovered that their soccer jerseys were both white before the match. In the end, the French found a solution. They borrowed the green striped jersey from the local low-level team Kimberley. This was the only time the club jersey appeared in the World Cup.

Uruguay Classic Shirt (1930)

In the first World Cup, Uruguay as the host won the championship in one fell swoop. The eye-catching sapphire classic jersey left a deep enough impression.

New Zealand Away Jersey (2010)

Rugby is a “horrible” sport (isn’t it? The “idiots” with distorted faces are twisted together…), but the only exception is the brilliant New Zealand national rugby team and their iconic all-black jersey. . So it is not difficult to understand that in the World Cup in South Africa, the New Zealand national team chose a jersey that pays tribute to the rugby team. Maybe they should also put Rich McCaw (the legendary captain) on the field, and then cheer for him?

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